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The CCP Certification Program began its efforts to offer a California certification designation starting in 2016. Then by February 9, 2018, and throughout 2019, held its Inaugural CCP Exams where California successful paralegals earned today's first California Certified Paralegal designation.

As the paralegal and legal profession, everyday work experiences, education programs, and CAPA's Certification program experienced many challenges, restructuring, rethinking and disruptions during 2019 - 2022; we are all looking forward to 2023 with the opportunity to set future CCP Exam dates, availability, and promotion. CAPA hopes to provide each and every one of you who have already taken a prior CCP Exam and are anxious to retake the exam, and those who are seeking to obtain the California certification for 2023, and thereafter, with an opportunity to learn more about CAPA's CCP Certification Program and then to take/retake the CCP Exam.

2023 Recertifications - June 22, 2023, All Certifications are being granted a thirty (30) day grace period to provide their required Forty Hours (40) of MCLE Credits, those represent eight (8) credit hours of California required MCLE (Legal Ethics and General Law/Specialized Law) for each full two year term and four (4) credit hours of California required MCLE Credits for the final one year term, the remaining twenty (20) credit hours are to be earned by participating in additional General Law and Specialized Law events that are eligible for MCLE pursuant to the Rules and Regulations required by the State Bar of California.  

CCP Administration is uploading a MCLE Tracking Worksheets to each profile so that you can transfer your MCLE units for each reporting period (all credits are due at this time due to the pandemic and its residual effects), provide valid Certificate of Attendances for each event, and submit directly to CCP Administration.

Each CCP should submit a Recertification Application to update your current employment, any education changes, new credentials, and then will require inputting MCLE credits and providing supporting documentation to be reviewed, verified and documented prior to the end of the grace period (July 22, 2023). 

The Certification Fee for the term that will expire June 22, 2028, must be remitted by June 22, 2023, for the continuation of your designation.

If you have any questions, please contact CCP Administration.

Many of the items on this tab have been static during the pandemic, the CCP Certification Committee is considering a 2023 CCP Exam and Retake schedule. 

We will provide updated information as soon as it can be released and will update this page with further 2023 recertification details.


Note: Any Applicant who has originally taken the CCP Exam during the Inaugural Period (February 2018 through November 2019) must apply as a Retake Examinee.

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The CCP Exam and Certification Fees will now be offered as to members of a CAPA Association Members (provided on CAPA's Website, Member Associations tab) and Non-Members. They are published on the CCP Fee Schedule (Certification Tab). Certain Administration and Retake Fees remain the same. Registrations are non-transferable and all Fees are Non-Refundable.


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