CAPA CCP Insider - Upcoming Web Series 2019


Monthly, Second Tuesday at 6:30 pm

CCP EXAM -  State-Specific for California Paralegals  - What is it? What to Expect

CCP TIPS/TRICKS - Ethics, Ethics, Ethics (PBC, ROPC)

CCP STUDY RESOURCES - Litigation by the Numbers, Julie A Goren, Esq.

CCP Topic – CCP Exam, Certification and Eligibility

Victoria Falcon-Alonzo, CAPA President

Ellen Houser, CCP


Link for Event:

 Answer Key for Ethics Questions Provided 021219

A quick article about our May speaker:  The Life and Career of Hon. Elizabeth White

New Rules of Professional Conduct (download PDF of all Rules)

Best Practices for Paralegals (Provided 091019)

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 2019 CCP Exam Exam Registration is Closed. 2020 Dates/Location being Confirmed.

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